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What we
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Professional & Personal

«The average gives the world its existence, the extraordinary its value.» With this quote, Oscar Wilde speaks from the heart of Sigi Gübeli, the owner and host at Boutique Hotel PLATZHIRSCH. The hoteliere with Styrian roots has lived and worked in Switzerland for over 20 years and has been running the PLATZHIRSCH on Hirschenplatz-Square in Zurich's old town for over ten years.


International & Individual

Our small PLATZHIRSCH team is international. Each and every one of us cares about making your stay as special as possible. With a high motivation factor and a lot of individuality we give the PLATZHIRSCH its own face - which always wears a warm welcome smile for our guests.


Down to earth & innovative

A high demand for quality and eyes for details are important features that are written and lived at the PLATZHIRSCH. Your feel-good moment as a guest is always the focus. Continuous training and great commitment to sustainability characterize our entire team.