Urban Bike Festival Zurich
25 Mrz

Urban Bike Festival Zürich – March 29 – 31, 2019

At the Urban Bike Festival, everything revolves around bicycles, urban bike culture, mobility, and lifestyle.

Anyone who likes cycling through the city or racing around steep hilly bends is at the right place at the Urban Bike Festival, which completely focuses on this two-wheeled method of transportation. While exhibitors show the latest trends, enthusiastic visitors can try out whatever their heart desires. In addition, they can cycle through virtual urban spaces of the future and have their photo taken.

Among the highlights of the weekend are, without doubt, the various contests at which international stars from the scene compete against each other. For example, the “Urban Cyclocross” – a bike race through the city, across volleyball courts, down flights of steps, through water ditches, and over the viaduct in Zürich-West – or the 3-disclipine “Urban Bike Games”. Besides these spectacular competitions, the lifestyle event –which is free of charge –also features plenty of music and food, with various concerts and street food stands catering for a wide public.

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