10 Apr

Zurich is the host city of MANIFESTA 11

Since Manifesta’s inception in the early 1990s it’s mission has been to examine the cultural topography of Europe.

Every two years it finds a new city or region in which to temporarily embed itself. In the past Manifesta has typically selected peripheral or contested regions as Hosts.

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Zurich has a very long history of artistic and intellectual liberalism. It was historically an incubator for revolutionary political and artistic movements. During periods of historical upheaval in Europe, Zurich offered asylum to intellectuals from around the world. Today, Zurich is one of the most economically and technologically advanced cities in the world.

This rich and rapidly evolving urban setting will give Manifesta 11 the opportunity to explore critical global issues relating to the processes of urbanization, urban space and society while reassessing the role art can play within these concepts.


Zurich’s dynamic and complex urban environment will provide a socially, politically and artistically significant trajectory for Manifesta in the coming years. Manifesta 11 is curated by Christian Jankowski.

Manifesta board appreciated the openness expressed in the Zurich Bid and the willingness to invite Manifesta to take a critical position. With full awareness that initiating a Manifesta Biennial involves unpredictable outcomes Zurich embraces the critical discourse including the opportunities and risks that it entails. That is why we are thrilled to be going to Zurich for Manifesta 11.” Hedwig Fijen, Manifesta Director

“The decision for a Manifesta in Zurich is another milestone in the cultural affairs of the City of Zurich. We receive the unique opportunity, to prove our dedication to Zürich’s cultural policy efforts and to demonstrate our cultural competence and strengthen Zürich’s position as City of Culture and Arts.”
Corine Mauch, Mayor of Zürich

“The decision of the Manifesta Committee is a great chance and motivation for the Zurich cultural scene. The critical look from the outside, that this competent and innovative biennale will cast at Zürich, will give all of society valuable insights and impulses.”
Peter Haerle, Director Cultural Affairs City of Zürich

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